Why staging your home will save you not only time but money

1. Staged homes sell faster than comparable un-staged homes.

2. Staged homes sell for more money than comparable un-staged homes.

3. The initial cost of home staging is always less than your first price reduction. This affects your commission, seller can pay for staging, or Realtor and seller can split the cost.

4. The way you live in a home and the way you sell a home are two different things. Remember that once your home goes on the market it is a product like any other product. It has to appeal to the masses. It must be de-personalized, and de-cluttered.

5. Furniture needs to flow, art needs to be hung at appropriate levels.

6. House must be squeaky clean, all pantry's, drawer's, closets, arranged to show ample amounts of storage.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

It has been so long since I have blogged

It has been quite a while since I have been on here and on my blog, maybe I can get it started again.  
Well, I moved to GA to be with my daughter and her family and that did not work out whatsoever.  We are too different and  that is not to say that I don't love her and the kids because I do, everything was so foreign to me in the South.   It was like it was 1950 again, so, so different.  The men all wearing baseball hats even while eating at the dining table just blew me away.  The lack of manners was another real bone of contention one of which my grandchildren had no desire to learn or to change.  
So after having an estate sale and getting rid of almost everything I am now left starting over again which is not easy to do at 65 years old.  I have moved into the same apartment building that Herbie  and I lived in before we bought our home so in some ways that is comforting.  It is located in a wonderful area of the city with all the coffee shops, boutiques, and co-ops that make it easy to live here.  

I have volunteered as an usher for Shea's which is a beautiful theatre known around the United States and abroad.  I figure it's a great way to meet like people and being able to see all of the shows is exciting.  I am trying my best to make a new life for myself but it's not so easy.  Not being a woman to give in or up I will prevail.  This is the last  part of my life and I have a  lot of catching up to do.  

I am not feeling so great today and am in a lot of pain but will get my pain pills tomorrow (thank God) I had to have back surgery before I left GA and had I have gone on u tube and watched it I Never would have done it.  Although the surgeon did fix the problem the surgical pain prevails.  They say it takes between 5-8 months to really finish healing and I am in my 5th month so have a bit to go.  Yikes, if you look at my neck and then my lower back they should have just installed a zipper.  I refuse to be a cripple or have that mentality but without pain pills I walk hunched over.  Thanks Dad.  
Well, this has been rather cathartic so I will continue to do it.  I forgot to mention that I am now seeing a counselor not for mental problems because of my up bringing but  was diagnosed as having PTSD   the same thing a person that goes to war has.  I will continue with the appointments until I can't.  
We'll talk tomorrow.  Take care.