Why staging your home will save you not only time but money

1. Staged homes sell faster than comparable un-staged homes.

2. Staged homes sell for more money than comparable un-staged homes.

3. The initial cost of home staging is always less than your first price reduction. This affects your commission, seller can pay for staging, or Realtor and seller can split the cost.

4. The way you live in a home and the way you sell a home are two different things. Remember that once your home goes on the market it is a product like any other product. It has to appeal to the masses. It must be de-personalized, and de-cluttered.

5. Furniture needs to flow, art needs to be hung at appropriate levels.

6. House must be squeaky clean, all pantry's, drawer's, closets, arranged to show ample amounts of storage.

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

every year at this time I think to myself...

why oh why did I put out this amount of Christmas stuff?? i will just pack one box a day. it's my nature to get in there and work until I am done. No more. snow is falling in Buffalo, it's the third of January and no snow. spring will arrive sooner and that makes me happy. i am always happy at the start of a new year. a new beginning, new footprints, another chance. as all that read this blog knows that i was moving back to Seattle last summer. i did what every homeowner does, now that is surprising to me as i was a Realtor for twenty nine years. Here is a list of what you don't do. 1. try to sell your home on your own. 2. put a little sign in your front yard with numbers so small that no one could read it. 3. over price my house for this economy. yes, i did everyone of those things, every damn one of them. Maybe it's because I am the one that did most of the work on this house. remolded most all of it. and yes, a little sign in the front which I took down and then I would put it back up then again down again. my neighbors had some fun with that, after a while I wanted to put it down or back up in the middle of the night so no one could see me. I am beginning to feel like I am mentally unbalanced. I have made a decision that I will put the house back on the market in the spring. here is my problem, and it's the same as it was last year. I love my little brick house, my little cape cod. the ton of flowers that I have planted over the past eight years. My hopes were to create a english country garden and I did. In the backyard I wanted a dry river bed and I did. I can think of only one room to repaint and it's the kitchen. Kitchen's and bathroom's have to be spotless. So as you can see a bunch to do before I actually list it. The only reason I did not want to use a Realtor is that the proceeds are a large part of my retirement. Seeing as how I have a real project to do I must go. I wish all of you have a healthy, happy new year, and God bless. Ciao~

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